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Overcoming the Growing Poverty Problem in Georgia

Poverty in Georgia is approaching critical levels. More than one in six families across the state falls below the national poverty line, and nearly one in four children deals with the effects of poverty on a regular basis, including a lack of food, school supplies, and sometimes even a home.

The Upton Agency is concerned about growing poverty rates in our state, and we are launching a campaign to provide emergency assistance to families in the Acworth region struggling with poverty.

Critical Services for Families in Crisis

The Upton Agency is proud to be a Regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange program in Cobb County, and our goals during this campaign will be to ensure hungry families in our area have access to healthy and nutritious food, to make sure homeless families are provided with emergency or temporary housing, and to assist in the provision of scholastic supplies for schoolchildren who belong to underprivileged families.

Thousands of families in our area alone need help, and we can’t reach them all without your assistance.

Being Part of this Campaign

To be part of this campaign, all you need to do is invite your family members, co-workers, or close friends into the Upton Agency for a free insurance consultation. Once here, we can provide them with details on our campaign to assist local families in need. For each person you invite, our agency will make a donation IN YOUR NAME to a regional program or initiative that offers support to families in our area overcoming poverty.

Offering a Helping Hand

This campaign gives all of us an opportunity to make lives better for the families in our community who are struggling the hardest. Please join us, and let’s offer a helping hand to those who most need it.


Tevis Upton

The Upton Agency

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